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Fleshy nose operation

Fleshy nose operation

Fleshy nose operation

Fleshy nose operation

For a long time, all those who have decided to have surgery on their fleshy nose have had the idea that the fleshy nose operation is reversible, or that the operation is very difficult, or that there are other ambiguities about this type of surgery.

Here we want to assure you that the methods and techniques of rhinoplasty are so advanced that they cover all these shortcomings.

Although in the past, due to the more traditional nature of this operation, the shape of the nose actually changed after the operation, but today, with the new methods used in performing this operation, cosmetic surgeons have created the confidence for patients that the shape of the nose after surgery will not return to its preoperative shape.

If the surgeon determines that the subcutaneous fat should be removed to make it thinner and better, and if the fat is not removed carefully, patiently, and evenly, it can lead to deformity in the nasal area. If this is not done carefully and removed too much, it will disrupt the blood supply to the tip of the nose and will have bad side effects for the patient.

Keep in mind that choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon for preoperative consultation and fleshy nose surgery reduces the risks to zero and creates a good surgical experience for you.


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