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Nutrition after Rhinoplasty

Nutrition after Rhinoplasty

Many dear patients ask this question ...

Many dear patients ask this question ...

Many dear patients are wondering what type of diet they should follow to get a full recovery or reduce the duration of treatment. Certainly, the role of proper nutrition for patients and those who intend to perform any type of surgery is not hidden from anyone, and the extent of wound healing and the length of hospitalization and even postoperative complications are directly related to nutrition, and if we have a proper diet, recovery time is minimized. Well, now let's go to the do's and don'ts of nutrition before and after rhinoplasty.

Avoid eating weird foods that you haven't tried before.

Do not drink liquids with a straw.

Don't take this opportunity to lose weight.

Avoid eating solid foods.

Eat soft foods such as soups and boiled potatoes.

Avoid slow-digesting foods.

Do not eat peppers and spicy foods.

Other than that, you have no other dietary restrictions.

For the first three to four days, drink watery foods such as soups, bone broth, meat broth and drink as much fresh fruit juice as possible.


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