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Fantasy Nose Surgery

Fantasy Nose Surgery

Fantasy nose surgery is done for certain occasions

Fantasy nose surgery is done for certain occasions. Those with cartilage nose are the best candidates for fancy nose surgery.

The choice of the best surgeon and preoperative counseling is also essential because the patient should be aware of all aspects of the surgery and find realistic expectations about the outcome of nose surgery.

Where did the puppet and fantasy come from?

In the past years, nasal surgery has not made much progress, there were plenty of practical noses with too much arches, excessive spin and a very narrow bridge. Surgeons of the era used the so-called "puppet" or "fantasy" deceptive for this type of nose to defect their work.

On the other hand, because the cost of cosmetic nose surgery was high, only the wealthy from the high social class could do it, and this kind of surgery was a kind of credit. Therefore, today, some people are still unaware of the rules of aesthetic surgery and their progress, and they think their puppets will show them classy, and unfortunately, they are still looking forward to this kind of nose.

Keep in mind that the natural nose means having a healthy nose, without any form or symmetry. While the fantasy nose is equal to an unusual and disproportionate nose that causes a lot of problems for the person.


Iranian face: big nose

Fantasy nose surgery in Iran is more than any other part of the world. In most cases, it has been reported that the patient was eager to minimize nasal congestion.

But why do most Iranians apply for nose surgery?

What made the small nose for people to be attractive?

Perhaps the answer to these questions lies in the structure of the Iranian face.

The Iranian nose is bigger than other parts of her face. Since the beauty of the face depends on its components, the Iranians have found that they have a small nose for having a beautiful face. Of course, for other races it is different. For example, the people of East Asia have smaller noses compared to their face, and in these countries, the majority of those who visit beauty clinics are enlarging the nose.

Regardless of whether this hypothesis is true or false, perhaps in the Iranian culture, having a small nose is a sign of beauty, so that if a person's nose is large, he will be ridiculed by others.


Each small nose does not necessarily fit with other facial features.

Many patients who want to reduce their nose, in fact, do not have large nose, and other parts of the face, such as a cheek or jaw, make their nose look great. For example, the Iranians have small jaws. By strengthening and enlarging these facial areas, the facial features of the face will be aligned, the nose will look smaller, and as a result, the beauty of the face will increase.


Shrinking the nose without nightly sniffing and wheezing

Most people forget that the main task of the nose is comfortable breathing. Remember for a quality of life, having a comfortable and proper respirator is more important than having a beautiful nose. If the nose is much smaller than its normal size, it will surely sacrifice a part of the respiratory tract, causing nasal coughing, wheezing, and night sniffing. This issue for fleshy nose is more important because of a thicker skin, because it is more likely to be a respiratory tract.


Who is a good candidate for a puppet nose?

Firstly, those people that have a larger nose than other parts of their face are good candidates for nose surgery. Shrinking the nose is not suitable for everyone.

Secondly, shrinking the nose in terms of beauty or function has limitations, and not everyone should seek a puppet and fantasy nose.

Definition of a fantasy nose by patients, who are undergoing surgery, is a nose, like a puppet's nose, arched and upright. This type of nose surgery can be done under certain conditions and for certain patients.

The fleshy nose has thick skin and it's harder to shrink than bony nose. In addition, there is the risk of postponement of scarring and suturing and extra flesh (colloid) after surgery on fleshy noses. Therefore, these patients should have a realistic expectation of the outcome of the surgery, and it is best to surgically perform their nose surgery.


How is the definition of aesthetics for puppet nose?

According to aesthetic definitions, you cannot make puppet or fantasy nose on all faces. For example, the angle between the lip and the nose, ideally 90 to 100 degrees, should be raised to 110 degrees to create a puppet eye.

This angle gives the person an artificial look and damages the internal structure and normal nose. Generally, creating a fantasy nose requires good skin and cartilage, and if you see a lot of people taking their nose into a puppet form, be sure they are having surgical complications.

If you want to do a fancy nose surgery, speak to your surgeon at a preoperative counseling session about the possibility of a puppet nose on your face. If your surgeon determines that your fantasy nose is not appropriate for your face, do not insist on doing so.

There are several universal standards for face and nose beauty. In other words, social media and the world have been working to connect different cultures and create world-class cosmopolitan standards.

These standards of beauty come from the most beautiful faces, and nose cosmetic standards are related to the shape, size, and dimensions of various parts of the nose.

Note that these standards are not exact numbers and don’t act as a scale.


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